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Digital 3d


4000x6000 px




This is an original piece.  The concept derived from how we go though phases in our life. Many things change and evolve over time. This will be a work from the  "PHASES SERIES" which is under development.

It's Just A Phase

At 4000x6000 pixels, there is plenty of detail and scale to keep the viewer captivated for a time. 

This is an original piece from the "PHASES SERIES".  The series will explore various shapes, materials, texture, and proportion.  All with the intent to create iconic pieces that will make bold statements on a wall or screen.

Signed & Numbered

Archival Fine Art Prints


Other Works

Framed and limited quantity prints

I will only be producing 1 framed 40x60 piece and a limited number of prints in two sizes, 30x40 and 20x30.  Each print will be signed and numbered.

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