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About the work,

the studio and me

The work is inspired by the ever evolving limit of what technology, art, design and experience can create. The art is about texture, shape, proportion, material, contrast, scale and wants to make a bold statement. Technology is the tool, delivery and authentication, while the experience is intimate and engaging.

Black Label Studio will only be producing exclusive series' a few times a year as well as working on commissions and occasionally collaborating with other amazing artists.  We will then make these works available for a limited time, so stay connected.

And finally who am I.  I've been in the creative & technology industry for a long time.  I've had many roles and titles, from owner & CEO to janitor and everything in-between. Worked with many of the top global brands, and have been featured in many publications and media.  ​The studio allows me to work on what I'm most interested in and to experiment.  What it will produce will change and evolve especially as technology changes.

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